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Venture Visionary Partners

We constructed a brand that mirrors their mantra of Clear Vision. Smart Solutions

Based in Toledo, Ohio, Venture Visionary Partners has carved out a strong niche for themselves. They are old school in their style but progressive in their thinking. They help clients simplify the complexities of wealth management with an unwavering focus on exceptional client service.

In partnership with Dynasty Financial Partners, we named the company and provided core messaging, all content, website design and development, overview video and print marketing materials. The multi-faceted symmetrical logo mark creates a ‘V’, with the bottom of the ‘V’ perfectly aligning with the center of the word ‘Venture.’ The negative space on the left half of the logo contributes to a feeling of forward motion, moving the logo progressively to the right. The video on the website is an edited version of the video we created for the wall of screens in their office. The website places strong emphasis on the team, differentiators and services, and the services are represented by eight custom icons we created for use in the video, website and print materials.

The brand elements are clear, simple and smart, reflecting simplicity and focus, tenets the team is known for.

The brand is built on simplicity and focus, tenets the team is known for.