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The Cardea Group

New growth still connects to the roots

Requiring the services of a recruiter inherently involves uncertainty. A candidate moving towards the next stage in their career and a client looking for the missing piece in their team both have one foot planted in the status quo and the other reaching out tentatively into the future. 

The job market of 2009 was particularly challenging; companies and talent alike couldn’t trust that they’d find a stable future to land upon. In response, the Cardea Group was created to help uncover “next steps” through meaningful partnerships between clients and candidates in the alternative asset management industry. They reached out to us looking to update their brand to reflect the growth and sophistication earned through over ten years of operation. We devised a visual direction that portrays the Cardea Group as boutique, innovative, and successful. 

The updated color palette grounded in cooler colors with warm pops to direct attention. In addition to being modern and confident, it is ADA-compliant and optimized to excel on both the screen and printed materials. The duotone treatment on the website imagery draws from the color palette to establish a consistent graphic vernacular that the brand can easily use. 

Cardea Group’s visual identity takes advantage of a sharp, modern serif font which is both sophisticated and friendly. We chose to balance those elements with the round shapes in the door knocker mark that comprises the firm’s logo. Pragmatically, a brand mark logo is easily-recognizable and allows for flexibility in its use. Aesthetically, it is elevated and boutique.

We designed and developed the website to include animated elements to create a polished and professional-looking final product.

The Cardea team respects that a successful placement of a candidate within a company is personal, not transactional.