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Creating print and digital graphics across many business lines for over 16 years

In May 2016, Time Warner Cable, our partner for over 12 years, merged with Charter Communications and Bright House Networks to form Spectrum. Merging three established brands in nine months proved to be a challenge, as not only did the customers need to understand the brand’s message, but over 90,000 employees needed to understand as well. Both groups needed cohesive and integrated branding to make a seamless transition. We provided brand guidelines, targeted presentation materials, stationery and other collateral to align the brand and unify the company. We created materials for transitional messaging, ads in sports programs and Easy Connect Kit packaging that gave Spectrum valuable brand recognition with its customers as the brand launched in markets across the US. We solidified Spectrum’s presence at 16 sports venues and events including Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Spectrum Center in Charlotte, Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. Our strong relationship with Time Warner Cable and vast branding experience made us a valuable asset to the company throughout the merger.

Our partnership continues today and we support the Spectrum brand across many business lines including helping to launch their mobile service, creation of brand guidelines, OOH advertising, toolkits to support their LGBT and women’s mentoring initiatives and many other print and digital materials. In addition, we work with the Government Affairs division, designing graphics and installation for Learning Labs that provide wifi and computers to various neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Helping execute their mission of innovation and progress