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CBD for the masses, not the classes

Following the success of NEO Alts investments in the high-growth cannabis industry, the company ventured into manufacturing and distribution with the goal of becoming a respected, trusted leader in the cannabis and CBD health and wellness categories.

In 2019, the company launched Root 66, a family of high-quality hemp oil extract CBD products. Root 66 runs counter to the prevailing strategy in the industry where the competition strives to position themselves as a premium offering, akin to the liquor industry. Root 66 ‘sells to the masses, not the classes.’

When looking to bring this product line to market, NEO Alts approached us to create a brand architecture and packaging concepts that would give the brand broad appeal.

To achieve the appropriate tone, we focused on a balance of historic and contemporary aesthetics. As ‘Route 66’ resonates deeply in our nation’s consciousness, we explored iconographic associations with travel, independence, Americana, freedom, and cultural roots to amplify the Root 66 brand voice.

We created a rich logo, brand identity and visual language, as well as a cohesive, distinctive consumer-facing packaging system.

Travel, independence and freedom amplify the Root 66 brand voice