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Priding themselves on their flexibility and ability to excel as specialists in the liquidity and cash management marketplace, Reich & Tang has quietly grown their assets over the last 40 years. Over time, they built highly adaptive white-label strategies for various audiences including banks, broker-dealers, advisors and institutions. With growing media opportunities, expanded conference presence and potential new business on the horizon, R&T was ready to be recognized as an industry leader. Our brand leverages a rotating ampersand in the logo in a distinct and engaging way to highlight R&T’s commitment to flexibility and partnership. A lively orange and stable gray color scheme demonstrates the warm and trusting balance they achieve in their client relationships. Bold accent colors are used to clearly distinguish their three audience types, while rotating taglines incorporating the “&” (Flexible & Focused, Loyal & Committed) complement the logo and further establish their engaging personality and entrepreneurial spirit.

Specialists in liquidity and cash management