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Regent Peak Wealth Advisors

Branding Regent Peak to help them make it happen for their clients

Whether it’s helping clients concentrate on what matters most to them or simplifying financial decisions, Regent Peak Wealth Advisors focuses on what’s important to their clients. Leibowitz Branding & Design partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to create a complete brand including naming, core messaging, a website and print marketing materials.

Regent Peak prides themselves on high-touch service and is uniquely structured by dedicating three team members to each relationship they serve. This is reflected in the three peaks in the logo, and the people-focused and mountain imagery reinforces their commitment to families reaching new heights. Purple is a regal color rarely seen in the wealth management space and this helps further differentiate the company. The angles created by the shapes on the website mirror the facets of the logo and provide visual interest, guiding the viewer’s eye-path across desktop and mobile devices alike.

Regent Peak clients appreciate their comprehensive approach, how they excel at taking the complexity out of wealth management and their independence. The brand we created helps Regent Peak tell their story and their commitment to helping clients enjoy “peace of mind” – and the benefits of their wealth.

Uniquely structured, they dedicate 3 team members to each relationship they serve