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Proquility Private Wealth Partners

An advisor and counselor, empowering their clients to enjoy what matters most

Based in Las Vegas, Proquility Private Wealth Partners is an independent registered investment advisor focused on simplifying the complexities of managing wealth. We partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to develop a brand that captures the ethos of Proquility, to provide clients with peace of mind. Our work included naming, core messaging, writing all content, website design and development and design and production of all marketing collateral.

The name is derived from tranquility, a strong synonym for ‘calm’ and we replaced ‘tran’ with the Latin prefix ‘pro’ which means forward. Together, they create a unique coined name that connotes ‘taking calmness forward.’ The prefix “pro” also hints at ‘professional’ reminding your clients that a professional is taking care of their family and fortune, a professional is assuring them of that peace of mind.

The strong logo contains a sweeping embellishment to the ‘P’ that facilitates a feeling of envelopment and caring. We expanded this into calming   wave patterns over visuals of families living the lives to their fullest.

A unique coined name that connotes ‘taking calmness forward