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Presilium Private Wealth

Providing Clarity to Simplify the Complex

Presilium Private Wealth is an independent registered investment adviser serving successful individuals including active and retired corporate executives and their families. We partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to create brand for a firm that helps clients find peace of mind through simplifying complex problems and clarifying decisions.

We created a company name that would summarize the ethos of the team’s approach: Presilium is a combination of prescience, resilience, and equilibrium. Through prescience, the team creates plans that are resilient in the face of challenge, thus bringing their clients stability and equilibrium. The animation for the landing page illustrates how these three concepts work together to form Presilium by presenting each word, isolating the parts that are used in the company name, and finally, combining them.

The imagery and color palette nod to Presilium’s focus on simplicity and serenity. Cool greens and warm accent colors derived from nature imagery pair with photos of rivers and waterfalls to establish a calming presence while also suggesting resilience and strength. We chose a serif font for the headers which complements the sans serif body font, evoking a sense of harmony, sophistication and competence. 

The logo, defined by an hourglass mark, operates on three levels: symbolically, an hourglass nods to the longevity of Presilium’s solutions and relationships. The mark is composed by clean lines which are reflective of Presilium’s commitment to simplicity and covertly form the letters PWP for Presilium Private Wealth. Combining a serif and san-serif font, the brand name serves as a balanced foundation for the graphic logo. We utilized this design to create an animation depicting the lines of the logo in motion for the website’s loading icon.

The visual elements from the website and logo extend to the pitch book template and stationery to create a professional, cohesive identity which honors Presilium’s style and values.

Presilium’s wealth management services are set apart by a combination of prescience, resilience, and equilibrium.