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Premier Path Wealth Partners

Wealth management is a journey, Premier Path guides the way

Another successful collaboration between Leibowitz and Dynasty Financial partners, we developed a brand for New Jersey-based team of independent registered investment advisors. Premier Path Wealth Partners positions itself as a premier advisory firm, set apart by innovation and white-glove service. 

We centered Premier Path’s brand on their team’s unique interpretation of wealth management: they see it as a journey, and their guidance provides clients with safe passage to their financial goals. The company name, “Premier Path” comes from this notion and also serves the purpose of nodding to actively moving forward, exclusivity, and high quality. 

“Premier” serves as inspiration for the overall shape of the logo’s diamond brand mark. Executed with sleek and defined edges, the design is confident, modern, and speaks to the firm’s innovation. Within the symbol, two P’s interlock to define the diamond and form a path with the resulting negative space. We depicted this in a gradient to add depth and richness, echoing those colors in the typography for a cohesive look. 

The brand’s logo and visual identity succinctly reflect Premier Path’s unique personality and approach which we further flesh out in their core messaging, both setting a strong foundation for their website and marketing collateral. 

Premier Path guides clients through their financial journeys