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Using technology to help financial services make compliance easy

Paragon Data Labs makes employee compliance easy for both employer and employee. Utilizing Personal Trade Oversight, Employee Disclosures, and Control Room processes, they automate employee code of ethics monitoring, thus reducing reputational and operational risk for their clients. By working smarter, Paragon helps financial services firms make the most of their most valuable resource: time. 

Since its launch in 2020, Paragon has experienced tremendous growth in the fintech space, catching the attention of investors, clients and the press. We partnered with their team to update their brand into something that would reflect the company’s rising position in the industry.

To emphasize Paragon as a fintech company, the visual identity references visual and thematic associations with technology—sophistication, simplicity and modernity. We achieved this by way of angular linework backgrounds, subtle geometric animations, and sans serif fonts. To keep the visual identity consistent, we maintained the core of Paragon’s color palette but refined it through the addition of vibrant accents and dark backgrounds.

Paragon Data Labs offers solutions for the problems of today and the future