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Mitchell Sinkler & Starr

Refreshing a trusted brand that has provided investment advisory services for over 50 years

Founded in 1969 with a promise to provide hands-on, customized investment advice and service to help individuals, families, and organizations reach their goals, Mitchell, Sinkler & Starr continues to uphold these promises. As a testament to their clients-first approach, many relationships have lasted generations.

MSS reached out to Leibowitz to help them refresh their brand with the goal of broadening their client base to include younger families and women. Our research indicated their core messaging was still strong and relevant but needed to be presented with a unique, fresh execution, signaling empowerment, enabling clients with a sense of control over their finances and future.

We created a monogram logo as a nod to their long heritage and commitment to families, and styled it as a shield to signify strength and protection. We updated the typographic tone of voice and to a modern, clean sans serif with a low x-height to add an elegant, old-world flair. In addition, we instilled a strong color palette anchored with deep navy and silver and selected imagery provides a warm multi-generational, family feel and leaves no doubt about their Philadelphia location.

Our work included updating their website, pocket folders, presentation books and stationery system. At our kickoff meeting, MSS asked “how can we position ourselves for the next 50 years while building off our legacy,” and collectively, we believe Mitchell, Sinkler and Starr has the messaging and tools in place to capture their additional target audiences while serving their multi-generation relationships.

The stylized shield symbolizes strength and protection