Client ID: 125

Keebeck Wealth Management

We built a brand for Keebeck that enabled them to step forward

We partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to provide Keebeck Wealth Management with a brand identity and marketing materials that are a solid foundation as they continue to grow. A strong, bold and unique logo inspired by the heritage of the company’s founder, Bruce Lee, is a meaningful connection for him and alludes to the multi-generational nature of Keebeck’s mission.

The bold ‘K’ logo and brand identity lends itself to many applications across digital, print and video. Keebeck hired a videographer to capture their Chicago roots, collegial culture interactive office space, and we showcased this on the home page of the website. The site also uses animated black and white images to support the content sections as a viewer scrolls through the site, creating an interesting hands-on experience. Keebeck is a nimble and dynamic team and the simple, bold yet elegant brand has provided them with the editorial and visual messaging that provided the vital necessary consistency as we helped them launch Keebeck Cognitive Partners (private equity), and Keebeck Alpha (quantitative investment management).

Keebeck is truly stepping forward.

The name Keebeck means “to ascend”