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Janus Henderson Investors

We partnered with marketing team at Janus Henderson to bring the emotion of market uncertainty to life

Uncertainty is a normal part of investing, but recently geopolitical tensions, disruptive technology and global sustainability issues have converged to create an unprecedented level of uncertainty among investors. Working closely with the team at Janus Henderson Investors, we helped create this campaign as part of a push towards a more evergreen framework approach that presents their focus strategies in a solutions-oriented manner.

JHI is unique in the industry. Their marketing team operates a newsroom-like approach to assessing market drivers and draws on the insights of their investment professionals. We helped capture the emotion of uncertainty, creating marketing content and design for campaign microsites, a video script and a digital and print ad campaign.

The Uncertainty ads feature a tunnel with bright light at the end, signifying that, despite twists, turns and feeling “in the dark,” there are opportunities to be found and a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel provides a hopeful feeling. The tagline, “Abandon Your Doubts, Not Your Goals,” encourages clients to remain focused, stay invested and not lose sight of long-term goals. The video we wrote also uses the tunnel imagery to creatively visualize JHI’s belief that “with the right perspective, we think it’s possible to look past uncertainty and successfully navigate change.”

There are opportunities to be found and a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel