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Intrepid Capital Funds

Intrepid Capital Management is an independent, value-oriented asset management firm founded in 1994 and based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Intrepid’s process involves turning over of many rocks, deep dive analysis, and a long-term, absolute return perspective. It requires considerable emotional-discipline, patience, and a stick-to-your-knitting attitude. With a process and results that often differ Intrepid from the Wall Street consensus, it is paramount that Intrepid effectively communicates its philosophy and the value of its approach to investors.

Toward this end, Intrepid asked us to design and build a new website to serve as a focal point for its communication and marketing strategy. After interviewing Intrepid team members and reviewing the existing website extensively, we designed and developed a modern and easily navigable website that effectively tells Intrepid’s story through vivid imagery, informative graphics, and intuitive content hierarchies. The website compellingly explains the who, why, and how of Intrepid’s investment philosophy and process and in so doing, underscore Intrepid’s unique value.

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