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Intergy Private Wealth

A Portmanteau of Intuition and Energy

Intergy Private Wealth is an independent wealth manager helping successful individuals, families, and foundations pursue their financial goals through in-depth planning. Intergy’s process focuses on a solid connection with each of their clients—by listening carefully, they can ask the right questions. For Intergy Private Wealth, each client is an individual deserving a bespoke experience with concierge-level service. Anticipating at least another 25 more years for their careers, Intergy’s team is set apart by its youthful energy and ability to forge long-term relationships with their clients.

We partnered  with Dynasty Financial Partners to create their brand, the cornerstone of which is the firm’s name: Intergy is a portmanteau of Intuition and Energy. Much of Intergy Private Wealth’s visual identity draws inspiration from their base in Colorado Springs—earth tones nod to the mountains that define the local geography and establish a sense of strength and integrity. The mountain motif carries into their logo—fluid lines cross to form a modern, impressionist landscape that evokes the emotions of watching a sunset. A sans-serif typeface with custom ligatures creates a friendly sense of welcome for the name ‘Intergy’ while an all-caps ‘Private Wealth’ provides a strong foundation for the entire logo. We extended these visual elements to the website, print marketing collateral and pitch book, all of which feature our written content, as well.

In addition to mountain imagery, we feature individuals enjoying the local environment, working in teams, and notably, the American Bison. Intergy was inspired by an anecdote: while most other animals flee from an approaching storm, the American Bison charges headlong into it in order to quickly get through to the clear skies on the other side. Through utilizing this image, we reference Intergy’s own speed, resilience and willingness to take on challenges head-first.

Intergy Private Wealth takes a listen-first approach to managing relationships