Client ID: 371

Interchange Capital Partners

Launching a company built on clarity and action to mitigate risk and capture opportunity

Interchange Capital Partners, based in Pittsburgh, PA, is committed to the preservation and growth of their client’s wealth achieved through a proprietary framework that facilitates a robust exchange of ideas. Interchange provides leadership to mitigate risks, capture opportunities and reduce the anxiety of financial decisions.

We partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to deliver a collaborative and trustworthy name, core messaging, all content, visual identity, website and marketing collateral to help launch this independent firm. The interconnected logo represents team’s big-picture perspective, and using a gradient, we illustrated the concept of overlapping paths. While the two unbroken paths first allude to a literal interchange, the negative space within the center creates the letterform “I,” culminating in a modern and crisp mark. The collateral and the website support confidence through the firm’s tagline, “We get it done,” and provide insight into its technical expertise. The Interchange team values collaboration, and this is supported by our use of double exposure imagery, and the unique color palette is eye catching.

With the help of a robust brand, Interchange Capital Partners’ clients see the company as a trusted partner providing thoughtful recommendations and helping multigenerational families sustain confidence in their futures.

Facilitating a robust exchange of ideas