Client ID: 2660

We secured GemShares’ place in the market with a dynamic brand and website

GemShares is a groundbreaking company that bridges the financial and diamond industries using a patented way to securitize diamonds and other gemstones. They needed a sophisticated brand and an engaging website to communicate between these two industries. For the logo, we crafted a monogram representing collaboration, reflection and strength. The images on the site highlight pioneering moments in history (landing on the moon, building the Brooklyn Bridge, inventing the locomotive), reflecting the company’s forward-thinking approach. The overall high-end brand demonstrates the innovative, revolutionary alliance between the diamond and financial industries. We designed a single-page, parallax-scrolling website, and wrote headlines to entice visitors to learn more about the company’s unique approach. The brand and website’s bold, on-point messaging will serve GemShares for years to come.

Securing the last hard asset