Client ID: 2497

We amplified EngageWell IPA’s message to the New York City community so they could reach more people in need

EngageWell IPA (formerly IDUHA) is a network of social service providers who share the goal of empowering and supporting New York City’s low-income citizens so they can live healthier lives. The network provides comprehensive services which include–and go beyond–health care, substance use treatment, supportive housing, employment support, and food and nutrition guidance. Though their work is vital, few recognized the oddly-named group, so Leibowitz undertook a complete branding.

We conducted thoughtful research into the network’s culture and mission to help us derive its new name-EngageWell-and tagline. We developed a multidimensional logo showing upward progress to reflect how the company uplifts the community it serves. Using bright colors, friendly typography, design clarity, and a fresh look overall that conveyed the organization’s sensitivity and compassion, we built a website that demonstrated EngageWell’s dedication to the community. Letterhead, powerpoint templates and business cards rounded out the new brand launch.

By providing EngageWell IPA with a fresher logo, engaging website and far-reaching collateral, we gave the network the tools they need to increase their presence in the community and reach more of NYC’s most vulnerable citizens.

Helping reach people where they live