Client ID: 871

Edgewood Management

A logo and brand that visually depicts their investment strategy, unified approach and commitment to growth

Edgewood Management was founded in 1974 and manages a fully invested large cap growth strategy. Originally formed as a family office, the organization evolved significantly since their inception through the expansion of their investment offerings. Their existing logo represented growth, but both green and trees are overused in financial services, so we turned to our research to set them apart by focusing on other unique characteristics. The new brand highlights the unified approach Edgewood takes to their investments and the strong collaboration between their partners and team. They invest in a fixed number of 22 companies, so the mark is made up of 22 lines representing those companies, pointing upwards to demonstrate a commitment to upward growth. In order to capture the warm, inviting team, we commissioned and art directed custom photo shoots in their new offices. The consistent family of sites highlights different product offerings, for both US and non-US investors, focusing on relevant information for each audience.

22 lines in the logo represent the 22 companies they invest in