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DayMark Wealth Partners

The Guiding Light to Sustained Wealth and Legacy

DayMark Wealth Partners is an independent registered investment adviser serving clients in the Cincinnati area, including entrepreneurs, business owners, and multigenerational families. Employing their decades of combined experience, they provide disciplined, goal-based plans that help sustain wealth for a robust financial future. We worked closely with the DayMark team and Dynasty Financial Partners to develop a brand top to bottom that faithfully and cohesively reflects DayMark’s values and style. 

Nautical navigation drives the brand identity; the company name is a stylization of the term daymark: bold designs that make lighthouses and other navigational aids more visible and distinct in daylight. DayMark Wealth Partners similarly endeavors to stand out amongst their peers as a trustworthy guide to success. With flexible and carefully-crafted financial plans, their clients can weather the inevitable tumults and changes of life. DayMark’s process is defined by servant leadership: taking charge and creating plans to reach their clients’ goals.

The DayMark logo depicts a lighthouse’s guiding light, making use of reversed gradation to provide depth. It is accompanied by a font combination that strikes a balance between modernity and tradition. We utilized a color palette that alludes to a night sky pierced by a beam of light with cool, deep blues and warm tints of yellow. The pairings of light and dark, warm and cool, nod to ideas of partnership and balance.

DayMark creates financial plans that can weather the inevitable tumults and changes of their clients’ lives.