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Cyndeo Wealth Partners

We developed a brand for Cyndeo Wealth Partners to emphasize connectivity and impact

The name Cyndeo is derived from the Greek word ‘syndeo,’ meaning ‘connect.’ To emphasize their focus on client connectivity, it is spelled with ‘C.’ Based in St. Petersburg, FL, Cyndeo can be defined by their values: trust, compassion, relationship-focused and accountability.

We partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to cultivate a comforting, friendly, genuine brand. In addition to naming the company, we developed core messaging, visual identity, wrote all content and created the website and print collateral. The Cyndeo logo lines interact and form both a “C” and “W.” The upward mark symbolizes continuity and growth while the diamond shape represents strength, complemented by bold and stable geometric type. The website emphasizes integrity and competency, while portraying authenticity and accessibility through the imagery and interactivity. In addition, we created a sub-brand for CW Boss, a service devoted to sports and entertainment clients.

Cyndeo Wealth Partners makes connections and helps people manage the complexity of their wealth to ensure their lives have impact.

A brand derived from the Greek word ‘syndeo,’ meaning ‘connect.’