Client ID: 97

Coordinated Behavioral Care

Creating a warm and vibrant brand to match the important work CBC provides the community

Coordinated Behavioral Care is a non-profit organization that connects people in need with a community-based behavioral healthcare system, and creates a network under the redesigned managed care payment system. In six years of operation, CBC’s brand and website had grown organically and sporadically. Users of their site were unable to access important information, getting lost in a disorganized site structure overlaid by an uninspired interface. Moreover, CBC’s brand fell short in accurately portraying the company’s personality. CBC needed a brand that better reflected their warmth and vibrancy. Tasked with modernizing and integrating their look, Leibowitz created a modern logo, energetic color palette and optimistic imagery for CBC, shifting the perception of the brand and positioning them in a new light. This brand was carried into a rich online presence, creating a website that uses bright colors with smooth gradients. Engaging animations and powerful infographics allow users to interact with the site in new ways, making information easy to access.

Connects people in need through a community-based behavioral healthcare system