Client ID: 94

Striving to Make BondIT a Name Known Industry-wide

Based in Israel, BondIT offers innovative, market-leading solutions that help fixed income investors in the construction, optimization and management of their portfolios. Their cloud-based, machine learning algorithmic solution produces custom portfolios at unprecedented speed. But few knew of the platform’s potential. Leibowitz was hired to create a distinctive brand and develop a website as dynamic as BondIT that would demonstrate the power of the platform to banks worldwide. To thoroughly understand the company and its culture, its near-term pain points, long-range goals, and position in the competitive landscape, we interviewed key stakeholders across business lines, as well as clients.

Armed with this insight, we developed a new logo, refreshed both messaging and visuals, and incorporated unique icons across all media. We enhanced their presence at industry gatherings with a variety of collateral. We moved their website from Wix to the more robust, user-friendly Wordpress to support a vibrant site with animation and carousels that mirrored the dynamic, real-time responsiveness of the BondIT platform.

BondIT’s goal is to be included in every bank’s bond platform. With its refreshed branding and cutting-edge technology, BondIT is well-positioned to solidify their presence in the industry.

Machine learning, algorithmic, custom fixed income portfolios at unprecedented speed