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Amplius Wealth Advisors

Solving complex decisions to best protect, sustain, and transfer wealth

From planning for retirement to saving for their children’s college tuitions, to funding long-term healthcare, to balancing portfolios of concentrated holdings, there’s a complexity to managing wealth that Amplius knows how to simplify. Leibowitz Branding & Design partnered with Dynasty Financial Partners to create a complete brand including naming, core messaging, copywriting and designing a website and print marketing materials, as well as the tagline, “We amplify our focus solely on you.”

To visually depict the tenets of personal service, protection and stewardship, we created a logo in which the letterforms envelop each other while creating a bold shape. The crisp, sans serf typography and custom icons reinforce the concept of simplicity, the images portray the importance of family and relationships, and the strong angles in the website and print materials signify their forward thinking, goals-based approach to financial planning and investing.

Amplius is Latin for further, more, beyond