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Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation

Creating an annual report to highlight their visionary work

As the number of families impacted by a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease grows, so does the importance of finding a cure.

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF), founded by Ronald and Leonard Lauder, has been leading the way in scientific breakthroughs for more than two decades. The ADDF’s venture philanthropy model has been funding cutting-edge research in academia and the biotech industry, using novel approaches to understand and ultimately defeat the disease.

An organization’s annual report is often the most visually engaging way to acknowledge donors for their support and demonstrate the work they have made possible. For the second year in a row, The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation tasked Leibowitz with creating a report as dynamic as its work, and one that would fittingly recognize its most influential donors, which include the Gates Foundation, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos and the Lauder family.

We visualized ADDF’s diverse approaches to combating Alzheimer’s with bold graphics and rich color, presenting complex scientific content in a format appealing to the reader. As ADDF begins its third decade leading the way in the path to a cure, Leibowitz is proud to partner with the Foundation to help promote its vision of a world free of Alzheimer’s.

The ADDF’s venture philanthropy model funds cutting-edge research