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Q&A with Matt Peters

Since starting at Leibowitz in July 2013, Matt has worked on a variety of projects. He’s created meaningful logos and brand elements for many of our clients in financial services and education.

Why did you become a designer?

When I was younger, I was definitely interested in drawing. I was the kid in class who drew pictures for people. To be honest, I kind of just randomly chose graphic design. I like it because it’s more applicable to everyday life and business than drawing is, but it calls on a lot of the same skills.

When I design, I find myself working in the same way I do when I draw. I’m very meticulous when I draw—getting everything just right—and that transfers into my design.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Louise Fili, Paula Scher, Herb Lubalin, Jessica Hische to name a few. They all have a very feminine touch to their work—very flourishy, more artistic, beautiful. There is a sense of complexity beyond the design itself that parallels with how the pencil interacts with the paper. It’s a unique sensibility that I draw on in my own work.

(In his free time, Matt likes to create his own nostalgia-inspired art. This piece is a work in progress, a vintage postcard for Santa Barbara.)

It seems like you go to galleries all the time in NYC. Who is your favorite artist?

One of my favorite artists is Norman Rockwell. I love nostalgia. It takes you right back to that time period, and his work is very people oriented. I like to draw people.

What is your proudest moment at Leibowitz so far?

I’ve loved working on the branding for the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University (SU:VPA). It was really fun. I developed a full brand option from front to back and created a complete alphabet of custom typography. It was my baby, and I took care of it; even though everyone had input, I owned it. It was so rewarding.

When you’re not designing, where can we find you?

I may be a print designer, but I really like looking and listening to things online. Vine is my favorite thing. It’s so funny. I also love The Howard Stern Show.

I’m not really a TV person, I get bored with TV. Online platforms feed my ADD.