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Thornburg Investment Management

We designed a new website for Thornburg Investment Management, a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based company with more than $60 billion in assets under management. To reach its increasingly global audience, the company sought a refreshed site optimized for desktop and mobile devices. Based on interviews, a peer review and research on the company’s five existing sites, we created a strategic sitemap and recommendations document, from which we built design-agnostic wireframes that outlined the content and functionality of the website. We concurrently conducted an image search to expand Thornburg’s brand, highlighting the financial services company’s unique location in the Southwest using photography of their campus, surrounding desert and local flora. Then, we designed the site and developed the front-end templates, partnering with Thornburg’s internal development team, who built the back end. “Leibowitz researched our business, interviewed employees, listened to our needs and incorporated everything into a design that is structured yet fluid, adaptable and expandable,” said Ray Nunno, Internet Marketing Manager at Thornburg. “The final product was a well-designed, well-organized, modern, responsive site that meets the needs of our clients.” Download Case Study